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Eniblock is helping enterprises, brands and creators build seamless, robust & scalable Web3 experiences, onboard their customers with ease, engage with their communities and scale their business to millions of users.


Seamlessly onboard all your customers to a crypto wallet.


Foster loyalty with token-based community engagement.


Scale your business with exclusive & immersive customer experiences.

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All-in-one SDKs

APIs and SDKs built by developers, for developers that easily integrate with your existing technology stack.

Whitelabel solutions

Launch your NFT marketplace or fund
your digital asset business in just a few

Enterprise-grade security

Reach and onboard your users
with a secure wallet designed
for widespread adoption

As powerful as it gets, our end-to-end infrastructure makes it ridiculously easy for anyone to start building, running and scaling any Web3 project in any industry.

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Powerful SDKs to connect to Web3 easily


Onboard all your users to Web3 with one simple integration that supercharge your platform with keyless wallets for unparalleled security and scalability.

  • Generate millions of wallets with a single API

  • PSAN & MICA regulation friendly by design

  • No more private keys to remember or steal

Token Factory

A simple API, to quickly mint, burn, and distribute your tokens to millions of users in a matter of minutes.

  • Easily create, mint & drop an unlimited amount of NFTs & FTs with custom metadata for new revenue streams.

  • Streamline NFT management with a single API.

  • Reward your audience and boost engagement with exclusive token-gated experiences.

Token Market

Maximize your phygital assets selling strategy with our enterprise-grade Market APIs.

  • Create your own embeddable NFT marketplace for new revenue streams.

  • Have full control over your marketplaces: define your fees and royalties, configure your preferred auction and payment methods (crypto & fiat), sell your assets individually or in bundles, allow your users to resell on a secondary marketplace

  • Display listings and distribute across major marketplaces for wider reach.

Step into the world of Web3
with Eniblock

Onboard your users with our robust Wallet-as-a-Service and boost your revenue with our NFT and Market APIs.

What can you build
on Eniblock?

Building Web3 experiences has never been easier. The Eniblock APIs and SDKs make it effortless for anyone to create the best web3 experiences across verticals.

  • #wallet
    Launch millions of wallets
    Seedless wallets providing maximum security for your digital assets.
  • #nfts
    Sell phygital assets on 
your e-commerce
    NFTs are going to change commerce as we know it. Don’t get left behind. Community building, digital twins, gated content - see what you can do with tokens.

About Us

Eniblock is a French technology provider with 5+ years of experience building scalable blockchain solutions for large European enterprises. Eniblock also offers enterprise-grade APIs and SDKs for enterprises, brands and creators that make it easy to incorporate Web3 experiences into their customer journeys.

With Eniblock, brands can focus on what they do best and build scalable experiences and products without the headaches of navigating complex blockchain technology.

What’s happening at Eniblock?

Press release

Eniblock® lance le programme bêta de Wallet as a Service (WaaS) pour enfin rendre le Web3 accessible à tous.

Eniblock® est heureux d’annoncer le lancement de son programme bêta Wallet as a Service (WaaS), composant central de son infrastructure Web3 “as a service”. Avec cette technologie de wallet de dernière génération, Eniblock vise à supprimer les obstacles associées à l’utilisation des Wallets actuels et ainsi faciliter une adoption massive du Web3 par les entreprises.

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Press release

Eniblock sécurise un financement de 9,2M€ avec Atlas Capital Markets pour renforcer sa position de leader de solutions Web3

Eniblock, fournisseur français de de technologie Web3, est heureux d'annoncer la conclusion d'un accord de financement de 9,2M€ avec le fonds d'investissement Atlas Capital Markets. Cet accord permettra à Eniblock d'accélérer sa croissance et de financer le développement de son infrastructure favorisant l’adoption massive du Web3 au sein des entreprises.

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Press release

Eniblock® et RAID Square signent un partenariat pour sécuriser les projets Web3

Eniblock® et RAID Square sont fiers d'annoncer un nouveau partenariat qui permettra de renforcer la sécurité et la réduction des risques dans le cadre des projets et initiatives Web3.

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