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Wallet for Enterprise

Advanced cryptography for highest security, scalable experience and seamless integration.


Only the wallet's owner, who alone holds the unique secrets, is able to perform a signature for transactions.

Advanced Cryptography

Keyless protection through our cutting-edge MPC protocol. HSMs safeguarding distributed secrets.

Shadow Wallet

On-site wallet creation, streamlined by social login. Gas-less transactions enabled by account abstraction.

Plug your User Base

Seamlessly integrates through OAuth2.0, eliminating the need for any extra authentication systems.

Frontend Only

Integrates with the frontend, leaving the backend unchanged and without the need to safeguard any API Key.

All-in-One Solution

No extra web3 services required. Blockchain node, indexer, AA services are all embedded.

Beyond a wallet your Web3 infrastucture


Wallet as a Service

Equip your users with a highly secured wallet, no additional installation or registration steps, directly on your website.
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NFT Checkout

Embrace a variety of payment options for your NFT transactions: Debit & credit cards, Apple Pay, on-chain payments, and beyond.
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Mint any token type using our SDK and API, at scale, with lazy minting and decentralized storage solutions included.
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NFT Marketplace

Offer a marketplace to sell your tokens on the primary market, enable user transactions on the secondary market, accept any type of payments.
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Start building with Eniblock SDK

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Get your app Id
Create an app Id for your project.
Create your first wallet
It is as simple as this code snippet to create your first wallet.
const { Eniblock } = require('@eniblock/sdk');
const sdk = new Eniblock({
  appId: 'your-appId',
  accessTokenProvider: getAccessToken,
const wallet = await sdk
const account = await wallet
  .instantiate('My first account');

Effortless Integration

Seamless Integration with all your tools.

Connect your User Base

Seamlessly onboard your users without additional login or registration steps. The wallet syncs with your own identity provider.

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All-in-one Solution

Our SDK includes all the necessary web3 services for interaction with the blockchain and payments under the hood, eliminating the need for additional subscriptions.

Use your Favourite Libraries

Our SDK seamlessly integrates with various frameworks like React, Angular, Vue.js, and JavaScript, offering a starter kit for each, ensuring project flexibility and compatibility.

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Enterprise-grade Security

Upholding security excellence in every aspect.

Advanced Cryptography

Key-Less Wallet via Threshold Signatures, decentralized key infrastructure, Secret Sharing, HSM-encrypted data and proactive security.

Full Compliance

Compliant with SOC 2 Type 2, PSD2, and GDPR standards, bolstered by thorough penetration testing and a cryptographic protocol code audit.

Disaster Recovery

Robust disaster recovery ensuring secure access to funds amid user or wallet provider-side adversities, with swift restoration measures in place.
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