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What is Eniblock Platform?

Eniblock is on a mission to democratize access to Web3 and Digital Asset innovation so anyone can start building the world of tomorrow. Eniblock is addressing the entire Digital Asset Business value chain, from design to distribution.

1. Build

Token Engine

Design and mint your Digital Asset on your preferred Blockchain network, and manage their entire lifecycle

2. Distribute

Token Market

Manage your Digital Asset distribution through airdrops, listings and sales, and allow end-users to trade those on secondary marketplaces

3. Store


Store and manage any Digital Asset and Crypto through our non-custodial wallet for individuals and organizations

4. Collaborate

Data Collaboration

Collect, share and monetize insights from any Digital Asset securely and privately

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All-in-one platform

Speed up your time to market and build a
secure and robust Digital Asset business
with our low code end-to-end platform.

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Launch your NFT marketplace or fund
your digital asset business in just a few

Safe and efficient

Reach and onboard your users
with a secure wallet designed
for widespread adoption

As powerful as it gets, our end-to-end platform makes it ridiculously easy for anyone
to start building, running and scaling any Web3 business in any industry.

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Discover our stand-alone Solutions

Eniblock NFTs

Launch your own fully customized NFT marketplace to easily buy, sell and trade NFTs on your preferred blockchains.

  • Easily create, mint & drop an unlimited amount of NFTs & FTs with custom metadata

  • Have full control over your marketplaces: define your fees and royalties, configure your preferred auction and payment methods (crypto & fiat), sell your assets individually or in bundles, allow your users to resell on a secondary marketplace

  • Lazy minting: say goodbye to upfront gas fees

Eniblock Launchpad

Launch your fundraising campaign (STOs, ICOs) in just a few clicks and achieve a smooth digital investor experience with our all-inclusive digital suite of services.

  • Benefit from inbuilt compliance with transfer rules embedded in the token design, and effortlessly manage all your compliance processes in one single place (KYC, e-signature…)

  • Provide your investors with enhanced liquidity options thanks to a P2P marketplace

  • Integrate our full digital suite of services,
    such as real time cap table management and automated reporting

Eniblock Wallet

Integrate our non-custodial and multi-chain wallet into your own applications for a seamless Web3 onboarding experience.

  • Say goodbye to cumbersome regulatory requirements associated with custodial wallets

  • Simple sign-ups using Google, Twitter & Facebook

  • No more private keys to remember or steal

Unleash the power of Web3
to build and grow
your business.

Onboard your users with our robust Wallet services and boost your revenue with our Launchpad and NFT Marketplace.

Who’s Building
on Eniblock?

We aim to provide the platform and the tools needed to empower entrepreneurs and innovative businesses to build great applications that tap into the blockchain revolution.

  • #nfts
    Eniblock launched Fanlivecards, the world's first NFT Marketplace for rugby.
  • #nfts
    The Sandbox
    The Sandbox and Eniblock have joined forces to launch M3TASERVE, the first Web3 bootcamp in France

About Us

Eniblock is a blockchain technology provider on a mission to democratize Web3, making it as simple and fast as possible for any entrepreneurs and innovative businesses to kick-start their Web3 journey and make real-world impact.

We are a subsidiary of The Blockchain Group, who joined forces with a French Institute for Technological Research, IRT System X, back in 2018 with the ambition to create a leading european blockchain technology company.

What’s happening at Eniblock?

Press release

Science&Vie choisit la solution Eniblock® pour son lancement dans le Web3 et ses cartes de membres NFT

Le premier magazine mensuel français Science & Vie se lance dans le Web3 en s’appuyant sur la solution innovante Eniblock®, filiale de The Blockchain Group.

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Press release

OHRAC fait appel à la solution Eniblock® pour le lancement de sa marketplace NFT de courses hippiques

La marque de divertissement et d'initiation hippique OHRAC annonce le lancement officiel de sa plateforme NFT avec la solution Eniblock®, premier fournisseur français de technologie blockchain. OHRAC mise sur la technologie blockchain des NFT et l’expertise d’Eniblock® pour rendre plus accessible demain les courses hippiques et créer ainsi une puissante communauté.

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What's stopping widespread Web3 adoption?

Some people have long been awaiting the mainstream adoption of Web3, as many believe it will enhance the digital world as we know it. So maybe the most pressing question is what’s actually stopping it from going mainstream.

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