Eniblock is on a mission to democratize access to Web3 and Digital Asset innovation so anyone can start building the world of tomorrow.

Who we are

We’re Eniblock

Eniblock provides a leading blockchain development platform that empowers entrepreneurs and businesses to build the next generation of Web3 applications.
Our mission
Democratize access to digital asset innovation and break the barriers of complexity by building the most accessible and safest Web3 solutions that enables anyone to thrive in the digital economy.

The Eniblock team draws from years of deep expertise in massively scalable and robust infrastructures and is backed by The Blockchain Group and IRT SystemX,

Which is among the top eight technological research institutes established by the French Government to support enterprise innovation using emerging technologies.

Eniblock is at the crossroads of cutting-edge technology, best-of-breed customer experience and the highest level of security. We are excited to empower the widespread audience to build thriving applications and businesses that create real-world impact and enable a true borderless economy.

Our initiative

What we do?

Our goal is to enable anyone, anywhere, to actively participate in the Web3 economy by abstracting its complexities and barriers to entry. Thus we believe in creating an ecosystem of services that will empower wider accessibility.
Eniblock Services

Originally a technology provider, Eniblock has also developed an advisory practice allowing us to help you in every step of your Web3 journey.

  • Web3-native advisory & consulting for a decentralized future.

    Our first-hand knowledge of the web3 world lets us see beyond the hype and unlock new layers of business value. Be ready to harness the infinite possibilities of blockchain technology with the help of our team of experts.
  • Web3 development

    From diagnosing bottlenecks and process inefficiencies to building custom dApps and deploying off-the-shelf software solutions, our team can nail down any blockchain challenge.
Eniblock Lab

The real potential of blockchain technology likely remains to be discovered and is far from becoming mainstream.

In order to unlock the limitless possibilities of blockchain and start building the future of Web3,
we have created Eniblock Lab.

Eniblock Lab is our R&D initiative in partnership with the technological research institute IRT SystemX to answer concrete industrial challenges and use cases through the development of turn-key solutions that transform real businesses.


M3TASERVE is an initiative launched by Eniblock & The Sandbox’s CEOs.

The goal of this initiative is to help grow the talent pool of Web3. M3taserve is the first Web3 boot camp that offers easy-to-use Web3 training. M3taserve was created by expert developers to upgrade the skills of Web2 developers, with a first relevant programming experience.

Growing Web3 is a team effort.

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