Eniblock Platform powers the first ever official NFT awards in sports and entertainment: MAN OF THE MATCH® x PLAYER OF THE MATCH®

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Latisha Tublani
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Paris, 19th July 2022 — MAN OF THE MATCH® x PLAYER OF THE MATCH® (MOTMxPOTM), launches a groundbreaking and purpose-led NFT offering in professional football in collaboration with The Blockchain Group’s Eniblock platform on the Tezos blockchain.

MOTMxPOTM, owners of the registered trademarks MAN OF THE MATCH® and PLAYER OF THE MATCH, has launched its own NFT Marketplace project dedicated to championing the values of equity, diversity, and inclusion across professional football by equally recognising and celebrating outstanding performances by men and women players on the pitch through their Official MAN OF THE MATCH® and PLAYER OF THE MATCH® NFT Awards. To build this NFT Marketplace, MOTMxPOTM has relied on the Eniblock Platform, a one-stop-shop platform to build, run and scale any Web3 business.

Dropping their first 7-day auctions today with 22 unique NFT Awards, the MAN OF THE MATCH® and PLAYER OF THE MATCH® ICONS Hall of Fame collection celebrates some of the greatest moments and performances in world football, chosen by their inducted Brazilian ICONS, Roberto Carlos and Rosana Augusto.

The first ever official awards in sports to be NFTs, are commissioned artworks, having real-world value, rather than old-fashioned worthless physical award trophies. Inked by Mister Cartoon, the globally renowned graffiti and tattoo artist and completed by Brazilian artist Samuel Casal, the awards are at the intersection of art, culture and football.

Eniblock has enabled the creation and development of this NFT platform, making it fully tailored to MOTMxPOTM’s needs, highly accessible and easy-to-use. Eniblock has strengthened the project with a seamlessly integrated wallet widget that allows MOTMxPOTM to quickly and easily onboard its fans and collectors. With its social login feature and intuitive interface Eniblock allows end-users, from the crypto pros to the newbies, to easily access the NFT Marketplace and securely store their precious digital awards. This means users can buy NFTs without the complicated wallet setup which is a great onboarding tool and allows a much easier path to grow users and communities, not just from within the blockchain but from those sectors where users don’t want to follow complicated instructions just to get their collectibles.

This collaboration marks the debut of a fan-focused platform where creators, fans, collectors and star players can come together and relive their passion for the game. Through this project, MOTMxPOTM wants to add more meaning and value to official awards, by making it more inclusive and allowing fans to own, collect, and trade them.

To celebrate their joint commitment to do good, MOTMxPOTM and Eniblock have not only collaborated on a project that refrains from mere speculation and profit, but have also chosen to deploy the application on the Tezos blockchain, an energy-efficient protocol and a better choice for the environment.

Charles Kremer, Eniblock’s CEO said:

“Eniblock platform extracts the complexity from Web3 and enables entrepreneurs and businesses to design, build and run their own NFT applications in no-time. I am thrilled to collaborate with Marc on such a meaningful and promising project. The launch of MOTMxPOTM represents a major milestone in our ambition to contribute and lead the democratization of digital assets in every industry.”

Marc Maley, Founder of MOTMxPOTM said:

“The future of fandom is unfolding, where equality, purpose and community are the DNA of the brands of tomorrow. We are driving that change, so we needed a long-term partner that shares in that vision and innovation. We have found that perfect partner with The Blockchain Group and Eniblock. We are delighted to be aligned with Charles and Xavier to make a positive impact in the sporting arena, connecting fans and players in a meaningful and authentic way, powered by Web3.”

About The Blockchain Group & Eniblock

The Blockchain Group is the only listed French company with 230 engineers covering the entire blockchain value chain. Led by Xavier Latil, the group offers innovative solutions to integrate blockchain into French and international companies. The Blockchain Xdev is the group entity that specializes in Blockchain technology and professional services. Its platform, Eniblock, is an all-in-one platform with the mission to democratize access to Web3 and allow entrepreneurs and businesses to design, build and run their own Web3 applications on most blockchain protocols.


MOTM Ltd (MOTMxPOTM), are owners of the registered trademarks MAN OF THE MATCH® and PLAYER OF THE MATCH®. Our mission is to decentralize and authentically share our brand with fans, players, and creators worldwide, powered by NFTs. MOTM Limited are people first and are obsessed with building a sporting culture of diversity and inclusion, where all performance achievements are celebrated and valued equally and supporting global football purpose-driven impact projects. Participation is power.

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