Game-changing wallet technology to bring millions of users to Web3

What is Eniblock Wallet-as-a-Service?

Say goodbye to single
point of failure

Blockchain technologies secure the authenticity of the users and the integrity of their transactions using asymmetric cryptography: each blockchain account is linked to a private key used to sign each transaction. Therefore, the safety of an account entirely depends on the protection of a private key, representing a single point of failure. If any attacker is able to access the private key, all the digital assets that are tied to it are lost.

Easy backup
and restoration

Eniblock allows you to backup your secret share on cloud storage services such as Google Drive, Dropbox or on a paper. Even if you lose your device, or want to use your Eniblock Wallet on a new device, you will always be able to restore your secret share instantly. You will always be protected from any disaster.

A wallet for widespread adoption

Mass adoption of Web3 still remains a challenge.

To iron out the obstacles, we have built a wallet for everyone. With our intuitive user interface and simple sign-ins through Google, Facebook or Twitter, we let anyone, anywhere create their own wallet and start storing, managing and trading their digital asset without any sort of crypto-literacy. Onboard your end-users as easily as on Web 2.

Security and freedom
for your digital assets

For your security and regulatory freedom, we have combined the best of two worlds. The Eniblock Wallet is non-custodial, meaning it's a completely decentralized type of wallet, you have full control over your funds. Moreover it’s keyless, you don’t need to remember any private key or seed phrase neither it can be stolen. Sounds good, doesn’t it?

Key Features

Wallet for everyone
Built-in recovery capabilities: Cloud & paper backup
Security-first: keyless & SPOF-less
Non-custodial wallet for regulatory freedom
Supports all type of digital assets

Ready to Start?

Eniblock is on a mission to democratize access to Web3. Come explore what we're building and join us on the pursuit of making real-world impact.