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Latisha Tublani
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Paris, 21st July 2022 - The Blockchain XDEV, a leading blockchain technology provider based in Paris and part of The Blockchain Group, announced today that it has completed a major rebranding. The rebrand to Eniblock reflects the way the company has grown and expanded in recent years and strengthens its positioning as a prime blockchain tech provider. The timing of the new corporate brand aligns with the significant transformation that is taking place across the Web3 industry.

The new brand identity, Eniblock, embodies the renewed sense of purpose, energy, and enthusiasm of all its employees, indicative of a company on the move. It marks another major milestone in the evolution of the company, as it continues to reinvent itself and is taking a fresh- and forward-looking approach to the market.

The name Eniblock refers to the undeniable link between the nodes that make up the blockchain, in Japanese ("Eni" 縁 meaning "network", "bond") but also to its strategic vision "Any Assets, Any Business, Any Blockchain". Eniblock represents a commitment to innovation as well as the company's role in empowering the widespread adoption of Web3 innovations.

About Eniblock

Eniblock, subsidiary of The Blockchain Group, is a blockchain technology provider focused on designing, building, accelerating, and developing world class Web3 projects and applications for the decentralized web. The company’s mission is to enable anyone, anywhere, to actively participate in the Web3 economy by abstracting its complexities and barriers to entry.

Eniblock is creating an ecosystem of tools and services that will empower wider accessibility to digital asset innovation. Eniblock is now looking at and reporting on its business as two different segments:

1. Eniblock Platform: A one-stop-shop platform to build Web3 applications and businesses. By addressing the entire digital asset business value chain, from design to distribution, Eniblock Platform also provides business-ready solutions such as:

  • Eniblock Wallet: A simple and secure wallet solution to help blockchain projects onboard their users.
  • Eniblock NFTs: A white-label NFT marketplace to easily create, list and sell exclusive digital assets.
  • Eniblock Launchpad: A white-label platform to easily create and manage fundraising campaigns (STOs and ICOs) on different tokens.

2. Eniblock Services: A suite of advisory and custom Web3 development services to support Web3 journeys in any industry.

Charles Kremer, Eniblock’s CEO said:

“To reflect who we are and what we do, I am proud to announce that starting today our company is now Eniblock. Our mission is to bring Web3 into everyone's life and simplify its deployment for businesses and brands. Our new brand identity reflects the full breadth of what we do and the future that we want to help build.”

About The Blockchain Group & Eniblock

The Blockchain Group is the only publicly traded French company with 230 engineers covering the entire blockchain value chain. Led by Xavier Latil, the group offers its innovative solutions to integrate blockchain in French and international companies. Eniblock, previously The Blockchain Xdev, is the group's entity specialized in blockchain technology. The Eniblock team supports companies and entrepreneurs worldwide in the development of their Web3 projects through its all-in-one platform to design, build and run Web3 applications on most Blockchain technologies.

Ready to Start?

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