Eniblock Launchpad

Transparent, easier to manage & faster to trade. Democratizing the world of finance and fundraising with financial asset tokenization.

Eniblock Launchpad
Eniblock Launchpad

What is Eniblock Launchpad?

Launch fundraising campaigns in a snap

The blockchain technology has led to the emergence of new modes of fundraising campaigns such as STOs and ICOs. Our Launchpad enables you to access these financing solutions in a snap. Tokenization has never been easier: choose to upload your smart contracts or use our templates for Security Tokens and Utility Tokens. Only a few clicks are needed to start your fundraising campaign.

Full control over your tokens & your cap table

With our Launchpad you can issue an unlimited number of tokens and control their supply. Once your tokens are issued, you may want to keep an eye on them. Our Launchpad enables you to record real time ownership on the blockchain, manage your token lifecycle, and develop automated reporting. Moreover, you will benefit from a fully digital issuance and buyback workflow.

Effortless compliance

To ensure the success of a fundraising, issued tokens must meet your company's requirements. Our Launchpad solution allows you to manage and streamline your compliance processes all in one place:

KYC when it comes to onboard new investors

Whitelisting or blacklisting of investors per token

Multi-signature process to reflect your legal business constraints

Improve liquidity in private markets

Liquidity is a major criteria for investors when they decide to buy or not an enterprise’s tokens. Too little liquidity will deter people from investing. Eniblock Platform helps you to provide your investors with enhanced liquidity options thanks to our Bulletin Board.

The Eniblock Platform is simple, modular & easy to use. Blockchain complexity is completely abstracted away, and we can concentrate on the business.
Fred Fiore
CEO Logical Pictures

Key Features

Tokenization of any financial asset (STOs, ICOs…)
Control transfer rules
Lazy minting
Automated reporting
P2P secondary marketplace
Smart contract templates
Manage compliance processes in one single place
Real time ownership
Control entire token lifecycle

Ready to Start?

Eniblock is on a mission to democratize access to Web3. Come explore what we're building and join us on the pursuit of making real-world impact.