Eniblock Wallet-as-a-service is live!

⚡ ️READY 3..2..1.. LAUNCH TIME! ⚡ ️

🌍 Anyone with an email or a social or Google account can now access your Web3 app in 1 clic!

2 years after dreaming about it …
9 months in the making …
100+ of interview …
and a few technical and security audit later, OUR SDK IS LIVE!

Their is still a LOT of work to do but this is the beginning of an incredible and unique Wallet-as-a-Service most of the community has been waiting for has far as we know:

⏱ a wallet you can embed in the front of any Web2 app in minutes

✨ sign-in and sign-up your users in 1 clic without any additional frustrating action or email required outside your app

📧 use simply email or Google account or your own Identity Account Manager (IAM)

❌ 💸 integrate also with smart-wallet aka account abstraction to allow gas-free and signless onboarding

🔐 all in self-custody of course, to let your user in peace whatever happened to your app or brand and avoid your the regulation hassle

⛑ with a recovery process fully decentralised thanks to MPC protecting your user whatever happened to you, or us

💎 and using one of the most secure technology of wallet: MPC TSS

🔗 soon on any EVM blockchain…

All of this in one simple European Wallet-as-a-service that finally brings Web3 to the mass-market!This is the most complete European embedded wallet offering in the industry!


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