Tokenize your
real-world assets

Institutional-grade platform to digitize real-world assets as security tokens
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All-in-One Tokenization Platform


Security Token

Easily create and issue regulatory-compliant security tokens. Our intuitive platform guarantees adherence to legal standards.
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Custom Onboarding

Tailor your investor onboarding process with personalized rules, including whitelisting and blacklisting options.
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Asset management

Take control of your assets with our comprehensive management tools. Track performance, make informed decisions, and streamline operations.
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Access Liquidity

Unlock enhanced liquidity with our peer-to-peer (P2P) marketplace, featuring an embedded delivery versus payment solution.
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Seamless Onboarding

Onboard any investor seamlessly with built-in MPC TSS WaaS

Streamlined Onboarding

Experience effortless onboarding with our platform, featuring pluggable KYC providers for seamless verification, ensuring a secure and compliant process.

Integrated MPC Wallet

Offer your investors a secure way to store their tokens with our integrated non-custodial wallet. It comes with seamless Web2 authentication and is fortified with cutting-edge MPC cryptographic algorithms, ensuring top-notch security for their digital assets.

Enterprise-grade Security & Compliance

Upholding security excellence in every aspect.

Compliant Wallet Solution

Deliver a compliant storage solution with our non-custodial wallet. It meets regulatory standards effortlessly, bypassing complex PSAN or MiCA requirements, and offers investors a secure, straightforward way to manage their tokens.

Team-Based Asset Management

Empower your issuer's team to manage tokens and investors collaboratively. Our platform incorporates workflows and multisignature protocols, ensuring efficiency and the utmost security in every transaction and interaction.

Integration with
Ledger Enterprise

Enhance security and trust with our platform's integration with Ledger Enterprise. This collaboration brings the robust, industry-leading hardware wallet solutions to your asset management, ensuring top-tier security for your digital assets.

Comprehensive Integration Platform

Seamless Integration with all your tools.

DeFi Integration for Asset Growth

Maximize the potential of your assets by leveraging them on a variety of DeFi platforms. Our platform connects with leading DeFi ecosystems, allowing you to fructify your assets in a dynamic, decentralized financial landscape.

Simplified Cash Transactions

Streamline your cash income management with Stripe, already included in our platform. Avoid the complexities of negotiating with payment gateways, a common challenge for blockchain-based projects.

Available on Polygon and Tezos

Choose between Polygon for fast, cost-efficient transactions or Tezos for its flexible governance. Our platform offers both, allowing you to tailor your blockchain approach to best suit your project's needs.
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